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How to find an architect

The methods of finding an architect can differ greatly and depend on the type of project. But regardless of your project’s size and complexity, or its budget, an architect will make your life easier. You don’t need a ‘top rated’, or ‘award winning’ architect, you just need one who fits your project, your style, similar values […]

Do I need an architect? (Part 2)

              When people ask me if they really need an architect, I eventually respond with, “who else would you trust with your $400,000 investment?” Which is usually after a lengthy debate that immediately follows, “well, it depends”.  But I would be careless if I said your best option is […]

Do I need an architect? (Part 1)

You have a few acres to build a single family home or purchased a 100yr old home that needs a gut renovation. You have a tight budget and are concerned about spending it efficiently. So you ask yourself, “do I need an architect?”. Depending on the size and scope of your project you might not […]